Mastering Landscape Photography

Mastering Landscape Photography

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Mastering Landscape Photography is a 2 hour 1-on-1 lesson with Mike Zawadzki at a scenic spot that Mike will help you pick out. You will learn how to adjust camera settings Students should have some basic camera skills, but Mike will help guide you along no matter your current ability. A tripod is required, but if you do not have one, we will lend you one of ours. Mike will ensure that you leave this lesson knowing exactly how to set your camera for stunning landscape photography. You will be able to use Mike's collection of landscape photography filters, and a discount will also be offered (through Unique Photo) for students who wish to purchase their own set for up to 30 days after the lesson.

Core Concepts Covered/Skills Attained

  • How to use a tripod for making better composition and exposure choices for landscape photography
  • How to use all different types of lenses for interesting landscape images
  • Using Neutral Density filters for dramatic long exposures during daytime/sunset
  • Using Polarizing filters for more intense color and contrast in your images
  • Understanding the best times of day for visually powerful light, with movement in water and clouds
  • How to quickly adjust settings during the waning hours of daylight, and how to transition to making interesting photographs at night
  • Each student will be added to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions and network with other photographers
  • Students who purchase this class are encouraged to schedule a follow up editing lesson if they are unfamiliar with professional image editing software. (If you take this lesson followed up by an editing lesson you will receive a bonus pack of 5 custom Lightroom presets made by Mike Zawadzki and 3 editing brushes for editing)
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So you're a Florida resident or vacationer who has taken a pretty sunset picture on their iPhone. Congratulations, you're now among the other millions who have done the same thing. Do you aspire for better landscape photography? This 2 hour course with Mike Zawadzki will teach you how to capture stunning photographs that will make you stand out amongst the expansive sea of #sunset Instagram posts. High-end landscape photography is a skill that takes patience, timing, and lots of practice. The impressive technology modern cameras has rendered tripods useless for many, but did you know that using a tripod is the best way to create dramatic landscape images using long exposures? This class with Mike will teach you how to use Neutral Density and Polarizing filters to give your images that extra punch that you see in art galleries. 


A required basic contact form will be filled out upon purchase of this lesson. It helps give us a better idea of your current skill level, and allows us to be fully aware of your photography education needs and goals. While we request a "Date" that you would like to schedule your lesson on, it is important to note that we are working photographers and may not be available on the exact date you requested.

It is important to note that Mike strongly suggests starting this class one or two hours before sunset so he can teach you all of the important concepts of how light changes as it fades, and how to start taking night photographs as well!


  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera with a fully charged battery
  • A wide angle lens, and a telephoto lens. If you are confused on if you have the right gear, we are here to answer questions!
  • Notebook or phone/tablet for taking notes
  • A tripod. If you do not own one, please let us know and Mike will loan you one of his for the lesson!


TBD based on discussion between student and Mike Zawadzki. We have many locations that we suggest, but are open to new ideas too!