Introduction to Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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This introductory 2 hour 1-on-1 lesson with Mike Zawadzki at our Sarasota Studio covers the basics of photo editing in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Students will learn how to adjust settings such as: brightness, white balance, contrast, style, custom B/W conversions, lens distortion, perspective control, local adjustments, and making level horizons. The lesson plan is designed for students who have not used professional image editing software before. While you may have some experience using consumer software like iPhoto, Adobe software has a steeper learning curve, so Mike will make sure to guide you along at an appropriate pace for your skill level. While there are many editing tutorials and resources online, we believe live training is the best way to learn how to use Adobe editing software.  

Core Concepts Covered/Skills Attained

  • How to make full image adjustments in Adobe Lightroom, and exporting images for printing and/or web publishing
  • Adjusting a group of photos so they match stylistically
  • Saving your adjustments as "presets" to be used on future photos
  • Sharpening images and removing noise/grain from low light photos
  • How Adobe Lightroom and Camera RAW work as cataloging systems for rating your photos and recording every single step of adjustments made to your RAW images
  • Correcting converging lines/perspective for perfectly aligned images
  • How to use Lightroom and Photoshop as integrated pieces of software
  • A "homework" assignment that will be beneficial to all students, and can be reviewed/graded in a follow-up lesson
  • Addition to our exclusive "Camera & Photography Tips" group where you can ask questions and network with other photographers. 
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Almost everyone has used basic imaging software on their smartphones or computers. While basic programs like iPhoto can do a bit to snaz up a snapshot, serious photographers use professional editing software for both image manipulation and file organization. There is a common misconception that Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom are complicated and hard to learn. After this two hour lesson students will be proficient in organizing their photos, and being able to export them for either printing or web publishing. There are an overabundance of Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop resources online, and many of them are actually quite good. However we believe professional image editing is a craft best learned in an interactive environment where questions can be asked and answered immediately, especially for beginners.


A required basic contact form will be filled out upon purchase of this lesson. It helps give us a better idea of your current skill level, and allows us to be fully aware of your photography education needs and goals. While we request a "Date" that you would like to schedule your lesson on, it is important to note that we are working photographers and may not be available on the exact date you requested.


In this case we only encourage you to bring some items to better prepare you for our image editing lesson. You could show up with just a notebook, and leave with a lot of knowledge too.

  • Memory Card or USB stick of your own RAW files (Around 20-30, if you don't know what RAW files are or don't shoot in RAW, we will use some of our images as samples)
  • We have a studio computer to use, but you are encouraged to bring your own laptop if possible
  • If bringing your own laptop, please pre-install Adobe Creative Cloud software (even if it's just the 30 day trial)


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