Personal Camera Instruction for Beginners

Personal Camera Instruction for Beginners

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This introductory 2 hour 1-on-1 lesson with Mike Zawadzki at our Sarasota Studio covers the basics of photography and camera operation. Students will gain a better understanding of how cameras see light, which is a critical aspect of photography. The curriculum is designed for those who have just purchased or received their first camera. Those who have only used their cameras on AUTO mode will also benefit from this basic lesson. There are no dumb questions, and the information is presented at an appropriate pace for beginners. While there are many voluminous resources online, we believe interactive training is the best way to learn how to use your camera. 

Core Concepts Covered/Skills Attained

  • How your camera sees, and measures light
  • Adjusting your camera to make images darker or lighter based on your subject matter
  • Taking better portrait photos with blurred backgrounds and understanding "Depth of Field"
  • Freezing motion for better action shots, and overall sharper images. 
  • Adjusting settings for better indoor/low-light photos, and how to avoid blurry indoor shots.
  • A "homework" assignment that will be beneficial to all students, and can be reviewed/graded in a follow-up lesson
  • Addition to our exclusive "Camera & Photography Tips" group where you can ask questions and network with other photographers. 
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Many people own a DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. A large percentage of these people have never taken their cameras off of AUTO mode, which restricts users from accessing the full features of any camera. AUTO mode works about 65% of the time, but it often falls short in more difficult situations such as low/indoor lighting, and with subjects that are in motion. Years ago it required very expensive camera equipment to work in these difficult conditions, but in 2017, current consumer model DSLRs can conquer these scenarios. We know first hand (everyone started somewhere) how frustrating it is to miss shots and not not know how to use your new camera. There are an overabundance of photography resources online, and many of them are actually quite good. However we believe photography is a craft best learned in an interactive environment where questions can be asked and answered immediately, especially for beginners.


A required basic contact form will be filled out upon purchase of this lesson. It helps give us a better idea of your current skill level, and allows us to be fully aware of your photography education needs and goals. While we request a "Date" that you would like to schedule your lesson on, it is important to note that we are working photographers and may not be available on the exact date you requested.


Digital SLR or Mirrorless Camera
Memory Card
Charged Battery
Notepad or Laptop


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