Customized 1-ON-1 Lesson

Customized 1-ON-1 Lesson

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This customized 2 hour 1-on-1 lesson with Mike Zawadzki at our Sarasota Studio covers any photographic topic of your choice. The lesson plan is designed to match exactly what you need to learn. While we offer a broad variety of popular topics, sometimes you need to know very specific things about your camera, or a particular topic in photography. The following are suggestions for custom lessons, but we are not limited to only these topics! 

Suggested Topics for 1-on-1 Custom Lessons

  • Advanced, and specific camera operation (focusing modes, customizing command dials/buttons, etc...)
  • Off-Camera flash lighting setups
  • Studio lighting for portraits
  • Night photography and long exposures
  • How to get started in wedding/event photography
  • How to build a website for your photography business
  • Sports and action photography
  • Advanced Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom training
  • Travel/vacation photography
  • How to start shooting with a film camera


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When you are new to photography, all information in workshops and classes is beneficial, but as you become more fundamentally sound, some of it becomes redundant. Still everyone has some questions and concerns even as their skills develop. What's the next step? If you find yourself in this position, with a long list of questions, a custom lesson with Mike Zawadzki is exactly what will help you. In fact Mike will send you a questionnaire before the lesson to get a grasp on exactly what your photography goals are. Some of the finer points of lighting, radio systems for flashes, editing, composition, and focusing techniques are best learned hands on. Many of Mike's students have had their "aha!" moments that wouldn't have been as easily reached while trying to self-teach or learn online replaying YouTube or other videos. 


A required basic contact form will be filled out upon purchase of this lesson. It helps give us a better idea of your current skill level, and allows us to be fully aware of your photography education needs and goals. While we request a "Date" that you would like to schedule your lesson on, it is important to note that we are working photographers and may not be available on the exact date you requested.


  • Depending on what topics you want covered, you will bring gear accordingly. We will supply the backgrounds/lights for studio lighting sessions.
  • We will discuss exactly what to bring long before your customized lesson.


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