Melanie and Jeff's Powel Crosley Wedding | Sarasota, FL | Sarasota Wedding Photographer

Melanie & Jeff's wedding was my first experience at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, Florida. After photographing at a variety of venues in New Jersey, the Powel Crosley was a big change for me, but in a positive way. The Powel Crosley is a historical property that has been preserved over the years. Its intricate trimmings, tiles, railings, and overall aesthetic scream anything but "cookie cutter venue" I have now worked at the Powel Crosley a number of times since this job, and I have nothing but the best praise to offer this venue and the helpful staff that help the day run smoothly.

Sometimes couples think rain will ruin a wedding day, but Melanie and Jeff showed no signs of a negative attitude. Second shooting for Tara Tomlinson Photography, my day started off with the guys. They were easy to work with, and didn't mess around getting dressed quickly, despite having some technical difficulties with their pocket squares. Afterwards, I helped take some photos of Melanie getting ready as well. Their ceremony was beautiful, and the cloudy skies provided for nice even lighting. The rest of their day was a little challenging as we worked around the rain, but we made it happen with rain covers on our cameras. Being ready for any situation is one of the biggest aspects of professional wedding photography. The party was a blast, and I was able to capture some rad night shots that Melanie specifically requested. Check them out in this post, they have a bit of a Romeo & Juliet Twist to them.