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In order to meet my rapid growing base of wedding couples, I have started to form a team of trusted, curated, friendly, and talented photographers who match my vision, style, and personality. There’s also a chance if you’ve hired me for your wedding day that one of my associates may end up being your second photographer too! I want to stress how important quality, consistency, and reliability is to me. These are the photographers

If I am already booked for your wedding date, I am thrilled to be able to offer one of my associates at a special rates. starting at $3000 (8 hours - two photographers). Please inquire for more detailed information and pricing.



Tiffany jean lindner (NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK)

With many years of experience in photography, Tiffany creates memories with the same excitement and enthusiasm as if it was the beginning of her journey.  Her love for families and life goes beyond the scope of her work, making herself always a part of the couple's family.  From straightening a groom's bowtie to assuring a bride's hair or dress is precise, Tiffany documents special moments as if they were her own. As a mom of three beautiful children, she understands the importance of paying attention to all of the small candid moments and interactions between family members. Her focus is to help couples relive their special day with each photo and to create images that would otherwise go unnoticed like mom shedding a tear or a grandparent dancing with their grandchild.  Tiffany is also no stranger to getting the bridal party cracking up and in tears of laughter with her quick Brooklyn wit that is a part of her very existence. When she's not photographing love and couples around the country, Tiffany is an advocate for special needs children and adults. You can check out more of her photography for special needs children and families here. She is also and avid gamer who plays both classic Nintendo games and modern games like Fortnite with her son. Tiffany also loves belting out of the tunes of 80's love songs in her car! “Some were born to sing the blues!”

Wedding Photography Galleries by Tiffany Jean Lindner

Garden Club Wedding: Monica & Phillip

Gigi’s Country Garden: Jennifer and Curtis

Wedding Photography Images by Associate Tiffany Jean Lindner



From the moment you look through Brad’s photos, you’ll see that he has an unerring eye for moments. He loves capturing those unseen moments that happen throughout the day at weddings that delight his clients. He can be nearly invisible when capturing memories, but he’s also very present for his clients when it comes to managing the chaos of scheduling the day. He’s a stealthy ninja photographer when it matters, and a producer/director when the show must go on.  This skillset no doubt comes from Brad’s work in the theatre as a stage manager for over ten years, dealing with schedules, organization and every type of personality you can think of. Don’t you worry, he’ll even charm your cranky Aunt Betty if he needs to.

This easygoing nature with attention to detail with the photos means that Brad’s clients really get to live their day, while still getting all the photos they hoped for. The word you’ll think of when you look through his work is “connection.” No matter if he’s posing a bridal couple or capturing the first dance, Brad is always looking for the moment that tells you a little bit about the people in it and how they live, laugh and love. Along with capturing the glitz and the glam of a wedding day, Brad seeks to capture the moments that will become heirloom photos for you and your family.

When Brad isn’t viewing the world through a camera lens, he loves having adventures with his wife and daughter. A huge film nerd, you won’t be able to beat Brad when it comes to reciting lines from Indiana Jones movies. "That’s why they call it the jungle, sweetheart."

Wedding Photography Images by Associate brad