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As someone who LOVES being in the kitchen *almost* as much as taking photos, I look at wedding photography as a collaborative recipe. We'll be cooking with wine together, so to speak. Your story is unique, and looking at your wedding photos should have the same euphoric effect that eating your favorite comfort food does. Everyone has varied tastes for food, just like every couple is going to be a little different in front of the camera. Much of my cooking starts with olive oil, onion, and garlic, but can go in so many different directions depending what I decide to add next. The same can be said about my approach to photography. I have foundation shots that work for mostly everyone, but depending on the vibe I get from you, I will adjust accordingly. We do the traditional posed shots that will make the matriarchs of your family smile, and mix in the more natural modern shots, with just the two of you loving up on each other. Most people enjoy a mix of both styles. When it comes to photographs, it is an absolute must that I use only *fresh* ingredients, just like when I cook. Spoiler alert: original ideas don't come from the Pinterest (Frozen Food) section. Instead let's use those Pinterest boards (and other ideas you may have) as inspiration to come up with something new and exciting, not just a direct copy of someone else's photography. Here are some of my favorite images, followed by more information about my photography services.

Now that you've seen some of my photography, let's put the fun food analogies aside and get down to brass tacks. It's no secret that planning and paying for a wedding can be stressful. However I have an important life-hack to share with you.  Booking a wedding photographer that you LOVE (me) should be easy and stress-free. That's why I'm here for you, from the moment your inquiry email pops up in my notifications, all the way to when we hug goodbye on the dance floor. However our relationship doesn't end there. You are now under contract and legally required to be my friend for the rest of your lives together. Sorry that's just how I roll. Kidding, of course, but many of my clients stay in touch with me as friends over the years! I even end up photographing their children and families for years to come. (I told you it would be for the rest of your lives) I'll probably tell a couple deadpan jokes like this at the right time on your wedding day to make sure you stay loose. Or offer a serious word of encouragement during a brief pep-talk. I use my best judgement to keep you both going and feeling comfortable during your wedding or engagement session. After your wedding, your photos are delivered in a matter of weeks, not months, and you even get some THE SAME DAY to share on social media. I understand that you may have a lot of questions about your wedding. How much can I afford? What should my top priorities be? I'm here for you. In my Pricing & FAQ section you'll get a detailed explanation on exactly what you get for your money, and the logic behind my pricing structure. Something many other photographers aren't willing to do.




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